It's been a long time coming - nine months or so - but spring really has arrived on the farm. OK, we know that it's officially been summer for a couple days, but we had a very spring-y event here on the farm today.

Our first born bovine daughter has herself become a mother today! Sometime this morning, Misty gave birth to her first calf. She's a beautiful little girl, showing her bloodline off in true Murray Grey style and looks perfect to us. She's about 25kg (I'm guessing - I've already had to rescue her from a drain, a Tiger snake and a dam - I feel qualified to guess) and her name is Lady.

There's a tradition of naming the offspring in honour of their Mum. The First in this bovine line on Hawthorne Hill Farm was Mrs Grey - a very pretty and somewhat bossy Murray Grey heifer of about six months age when we met her. Mrs Grey just seemed to fit her personality (cowanality?). Sadly, she's no longer with us as she died during this last winter of causes unknown. Her daughter is Misty - a play on a tea theme - Mrs Grey for Earl Grey - Misty (Miss Tea) - and now Lady (Lady Grey). We don't know where this theme will go. Tea doesn't seem a particularly name friendly theme. Suggestions welcome.

Photos to come!