If you’re thinking that you’d like to stock our products, we think that’s great! We’ve got a few rules to stick to, but nothing too difficult. If you find something in the following that is a barrier to us working together, let us know. We’d love to be able to work something out that helps us both!

When ordering via email or phone, we’ll apply the following discount structure to your order. Minimum quantities apply, but we’re easy to please! Just purchase at least 10 items total per order, but no sneaky counting of a 5-bar value pack of soap as 5 items. That’s just one item. Fair enough?

For 10 – 20 items, take 10% off the retail price of the items.

For 20 – 35 items, take 15% off the retail price of the items.

For more than 35 items, take 17.5% off the retail price of the items.

For our new trading partners, we’ll need to receive payment up front prior to your goods being despatched. Once we’ve gotten to know each other a little better, we’ll be able to offer you a 14-day trading account, which might help a little with your cash flow without disrupting ours too much. You can pay with credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cash or cheque, whichever is your preference. Cheque payments are subject to clearing times.

If you’d prefer to order via the web portal, we can do that, but the structure will be a little different. This is just because of the nature of the webstore interface. We’ll issue you with your own unique discount code to enter at the checkout and your discount rate (up to 17.5%) will be applied. Of course, this will require immediate payment with credit card or PayPal via our secure portal and your goods will be despatched in the next mail.

From time to time we may offer our trading partners a special offer via our webstore. Just apply the special discount code word at the checkout and you’re away!

We use Australia Post to move our goods around the country. We’re not interested in making profit from freight, so Australia Post pricing and delivery times will apply. So, if you need something urgently, we’ll have to use Express Post and that’ll cost a bit more. If you can wait a bit longer, you’ll save a little coin on freight and we can both relax a bit. Plus, every little bit helps when you’re in business, right? We can get your order to you next day throughout Tassie and most metro areas around the country, provided you place your order prior to 11am. If there’s any hold-up, say for instance you order 200 items and we have to spend a day manufacturing, we’ll be in touch with an estimated lead time. If you’re located within striking distance of Lebrina, we might be able to arrange same day delivery or pick-up. Just ask!

We reserve the right to make changes to these trading terms from time to time, but we’ll always let you know what we’re doing before we do it. If our changes become a barrier to us continuing to work together, please let us know. We’ll try really hard to come to some arrangement that works for us both.

Thanks very much for considering stocking Hawthorne Hill Farm products. We love doing what we do and we really hope you love it too!